LV – Spring Card Party ’24


Hannah won her first card party with 37 points. This makes her the fifth winner in Season Two.


Although we didn’t have an overarching theme for the party, we experimented by selecting different themed card decks for each table. Instead of assigning initial tables and rotating by number, we assigned each table a theme based on the following card deck designs.

Snoopy – Avengers – Hogwarts – Starry Night – Iowa State

These were all card decks already in our collection. People did not love the faces of the Avengers and Hogwarts decks. Both were a tough to read and Hogwart’s stylized design did not include standard suits or colors. LOSERs could occasionally be heard glumly stating “I’m going to Hogwarts.”

Random Quotes

“What is the 3 of Clubs?” – Julie. – “3 of Griffendor” – Dan

“Our Card Party’s Save Lives” – Amy, Erin, or Victoria

“Am I invisible?” – Bud – “Can I stay here tonight?” – Tiffany

Throne Award: Tiffany Hunt

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