LIV – St. Patrick’s Day Party


Though it was in question at the time, Erin did win the 54th Card Party with 44 out of 52 possible points. This puts her in a four-way tie with Julie, Paul, and Tiffany leading Season Two.

Pot Luck

The evening started with our usual potluck. Amy’s Rueben sandwiches were a big hit. While desserts were in abundance, we could probably have used some additional main dishes.

New and Returning Players

We had three new players for this evenings game, Zach from DTS and Gordon & Lisa Eyler from Christ Our Savior. Additionally, our daughter, Erin joined in on the card play for the first time since 2016.

Season 1 Grand Champion

At 7:00, we all went downstairs for the card party portion of the evening. As people were settling at their assigned initial tables, I asked for their attention and for Tiffany Hunt to join me. A few people knew what was coming because I just could keep my mouth shut and my plans a secret. At this point, I announced to the group that Amy and I had realized Tiffany an unbeatable record with 10 wins. In response we decide to end the first Season of Our Card Parties, retire the first Card Party Cup and declare Tiffany the Champion of our inaugural season. I then surprised Tiffany farther by presenting her with a miniature version of the cup.

Season 2

My next announcement was to present the new traveling trophy for our Second Season. It is a 96 year old Labor Day trophy from the Old Lyme Country Club we found at a local flea market. A side note, the Old Lyme Country Club is still operating and is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Name Tags

I then asked Bud to join us and presented them both with official Our Card Party names tags. We initially acquired name tags for everyone that had attended 25 or more parties. I am currently considering making them available for anyone interested.

After a few more house-keeping announcements, we all started our warm up hands. I do want to mention that Joseph attended the pot luck but was not up for playing the game.


As the rounds progressed, I as usual, kept an eye on the scores to try to catch any mistakes made in data entry. By the third or fourth round, I started seeing an increasing number of score errors. Perplexed, with the assistance of Dylan, I spent some time trying to correct the errors. By the fifth round, I gave up and decided to research the problem after the game. By the end of the game, I counted 17 missing points, putting the deceleration of a winner in question. Sunday morning, I realized that it was not the players that had missed 17 points but a bone-head that had made one rather large error on his spreadsheet.

For St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wore green and received a bonus 4 points.

Throne Award: Erin Colburn, Hannah West, and Jacob Lyon

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