A Card Party Nightmare

A nightmare I woke from early Thursday morning.

Descending the basement stairs, I found half the guests already gathered, even though I hadn’t arranged a single table, let alone playing cards, score cards, table markers, etc. To my surprise, Yeardley Smith, the voice behind Lisa Simpson, appeared with two kids in tow, inexplicably introducing herself as Connie Syferd, a former assistant superintendent of St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Connie, or rather, Yeardley in disguise, expressed disdain at her perceived inappropriate nature of the party, especially with children present. Her sarcastic surprise at the absence of smoking and heavy drinking added an unsettling attack to her presence. I responded to her sarcasm in kind, as Connie had FAILED TO RSVP for herself, let alone her children, making the situation even more uncomfortable.

The chaos escalated as Connie’s kids had wreaked havoc in the unprepared game room, demolishing a new Lego lighthouse set. Lego pieces were scattered all over the floor, and would require immediate attention before I could even think of setting up the tables and all the other card game essentials. Additionally, the uninvited children, having discovered red and purple markers, had transformed our walls into an abstract canvas of chaos.

Attempting to restore order, I started preparations while my dad, in a misguided attempt to help, began moving game tables upstairs, not where they were supposed to be set up. The dream took an even stranger turn when he grappled with a mysterious 12-foot bench, moving it upstairs for reasons unknown.

As the dream unraveled into absurdity, I awoke, reminding myself that the chaotic card party nightmare was, in fact, not real. Yet, the lingering images of Yeardley Smith as Connie Syferd, the Lego lighthouse in ruins, the peculiar bench relocation, and my lack of preparedness persisted, leaving a curious imprint on the canvas of my subconscious.

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