LII – Christmas Open House and Card Party

December the 9th

In the revelry of our gathering, a jubilant assembly of 30 souls, Amy and I included, convened to partake in the spirited pursuit of Our Card Game. In addition, 16 esteemed guests graced the open house exclusively, where copious victuals and lively discourse abounded.

Regrettably, the commencement of the card party faced a tempestuous outset. A trio or quartet of unsuspecting souls found themselves omitted from the initial seating, courtesy of errors inscribed upon Dan’s meticulous spreadsheet. As fate would have it, a further bewilderment ensued when Justin was erroneously transcribed as Jason, adding an extra layer of perplexity.

Following round 2, a lamentable breakdown in communication ensued, leading Hannah and Karen to inadvertently engage in an additional hand each. In an equitable gesture, they were accorded the average points gleaned from the two hands played during the disordered rounds.

The climax of the evening unfolded in a Sudden Death confrontation, wherein Paul emerged triumphant. After an enthralling tie with Dan and the inclusion of Arthur and Luis to complete the assembly, Paul secured his fifth victory in this esteemed pursuit of leisure.

Open House Only Guests

Noteworthy among our esteemed non-playing guests were Patty & Todd Hagan, Christi & Randy Deeter, Karen Adams, Erin & Matt Colburn & Emmalyn & Everett, Melissa & Ethan Dole, David Ponder, Jenny & Troy Rhoadarmer, Dana & Blake Curton.

Invitation to a Delight: Christmas Open House & Card Revelry!

Ah, our dearest friends and acquaintances, we beseech thee to grace us with your presence at our Christmas Open House and Card Party. It warms our hearts to extend this invitation, even should you choose to forgo the card-playing merriments. You are most welcome to arrive in the company of a guest or guests, for we seek to share the festive spirit with one and all.
The Open House shall commence its revelry from the hour of five until the clock strikes seven, whereupon the Card Party shall take the stage from seven until the nebulous hour of nine-thirty.

We kindly request the favor of your timely response, indicating the number of souls that shall grace our gathering, by December the second. We shall be providing a bountiful catered taco bar, a feast to delight the senses. We would be overjoyed if you could contribute to the indulgence by bringing desserts or other delectable dishes of your choosing.

In consideration of the congestion that may befall our thoroughfare, we humbly suggest parking your trusty steeds at the Innovation Center, which lies not too far from our humble abode.

Pray, be apprised of the rules governing the card games, and it is most acceptable for you to Bring Your Own Beverage to enhance the revelry.

With all the anticipation of joyful mirth and camaraderie, we await your presence at this festive gathering, where the warmth of the Yuletide shall truly come alive.

Yours in eager anticipation of merriment and good company, Dan and Amy Magyar
Join us for a Christmas Open House and Card Party! Open House from 5-7 PM, followed by Card Party till 9:30 PM. RSVP by Dec 2. Enjoy a catered taco bar, and please bring desserts or dishes. Parking at the Innovation Center. Your presence will truly make our Yuletide celebration complete! – Dan and Amy Magyar – BYOB – Rules

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I thank you for the honor of being amongst your esteemed guests. Pray tell on what date this gathering shall occur? – Tiffany Hunt


We forgot to include our address…

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