LI – Clue Party

Julie’s Sinister Triumph: Her First Win in a Chilling Card Party Showdown


In a night shrouded in mystery and suspense, Julie Read, known to all as Mrs. White, emerged victorious in a chilling card party marked by a heart-pounding Sudden Death round. After a grueling 12 rounds of play, the scores of Julie, Hannah, and Paul were deadlocked at 42 points, pushing the game into the abyss of Sudden Death. Just when it seemed the tension couldn’t grow any thicker, Amy, with the next highest score of 41, was summoned to join this trio of fate-stricken players, making the final hand a quartet of souls on the edge.

With the stakes higher than ever, the players’ hearts raced as they laid their cards on the table. But it was Julie who, with an eerie swiftness, played her final card, sealing her sinister victory in the most ominous of fashions. The shadows closed in, and Julie claimed her triumph, leaving the others in awe of her dark card-playing prowess.

Throne Awards: Amy and Julie

Our Ominous Invitation to Our Clue-themed Halloween Card Party

Good Evening,

You have been summoned to partake in our spine-chilling, Clue-themed Halloween Card Party. Bring along a companion, if you dare!

Enter our eerie gathering, armed with your most sinister culinary concoctions and a vial of your preferred libation to fortify your spirits, for this is a potluck and BYOB affair.

Prepare yourself for a night of treacherous mysteries and a haunting card game, where the rules of the game could be your salvation or your doom. Visit to uncover the secrets that will guide you through the night.

Should you muster the courage to attend in costume, you’ll be rewarded with 3 bonus points. But should you delve deeper into the abyss and dress as a character from the game Clue (or Cluedo, for those from across the pond), you shall receive a spine-tingling 6 bonus points, earning you a place in the haunted hall of fame.

Remember, your costumes will be judged by the ghastly group, so unleash your most bone-chilling creativity!

Don’t become a mere specter of indecision—instead, RSVP and ensure your presence is etched into the sinister annals of this eerie night.

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Dark Shadows Descend: Sinister Score Updates Unveiled

In our ominous past card parties, we used to unveil a graph that depicted the players’ current scores, but as the number of participants grew, the darkness of competition deepened. The individual scores became as minuscule as whispers in a haunted graveyard, even on a foreboding 75-inch flat panel. The time had come to summon a new approach, one that would send chills down your spine.

This time, we summoned a dread-inducing innovation: a Top 10 list that showcased only those players with the highest scores. The feedback from our participants was chillingly positive. Anecdotal whispers reached our ears, as attendees couldn’t help but comment when they ascended to the ranks of the sinister Top 10 or, conversely, plummeted into the abyss, falling from grace like a cursed soul.

Stay tuned for more ominous updates as we continue to refine our frightful festivities.”

Scary text provided by Chat GPT

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