XLIX – Our Card Party

Karen Wins Sudden Death

At the end of the twelfth hand there was a three-way tie between Dan, Jennifer, and Karen with Jacob one point behind. The tie took the game to sudden death round. In the end Karen won her third card party.

Throne Award: Dan

Seventh Round Stretch

We tried something new between the sixth and seventh round in an effort to allow people to play with more people during the game. It is very easy to spend a whole night and never talk to or play a hand with another attendee. After the loser entered their sixth round scores, instead of moving to the next table they return to where they had just played. We then had the second place players move up one table and the third place players move back two tables.

Pet Smart

Somewhere around the 5th round, Jennifer and Mike(?) heard the doorbell. When Dan went to investigate he found an unordered delivery from Pet Smart. Two rounds later the door bell is rung again by the Pet Smart customer letting Dan know she had pick up her pet food.

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