XLVIII – St. Patrick’s Day Card Party

Tiffany Hunt won her ninth card party and her third party in a row.

Everyone wore green for the 4 bonus points and to celebrate the emerald isle.

Game Sheet


At the end of the game it was found that rounds 10 and 11 did not total to the correct number of points. (Amy and I corrected the data entry for rounds 2 and 8.

Score Reconciliation
  1. Laid out all the scorecards by round and table.
    1. Scorecard T6R11 was not used
    2. Scorecard T6R10? was originally an extra unlabeled card in the table 6 stack. It was labeled “T6R10?” while the reconciliation that was attempted the night of the party
  2. Corrected scorecards
    1. Moved names from other to knave sections on 7 scorecard 
    2. Added missing names to knave sections on 4 scorecards
    3. Verified and added last initial to Jennifers’
    4. Based on player table movement the unlabeled card was between T6R07 and T6R08
    5. T6R08 through T6R10 were used for the rounds 9 through 11 at table 6.
  3. Verified data entry scorecard by scorecard

Rules Update

  • Daniel West suggested the practice hand is more of a “Warm Up” hand since the loser is required to give up their highest card as part of the Exchange for Round 1.

Notes for next year:

  • Mini Ruebens
    • Pastrami: 2lbs
    • Rye: 3 loaves
    • Sauer Kraut: 32oz
    • Swiss Cheese: 1lb

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