XXXIV – Halloween Costume Card Party

Champion: Jennifer McCartney

This was our largest card party to date. We had 22 in attendance beating the previous record of 21. 15 people were in costume. 4 bonus points were awarded for wearing a costume and another 4 for winning the following categories:

  • Best Couple Costume – Jennifer and Justin
  • Best Female – Tiffany
  • Best Male – me (Dan)

Pete had the highest overall points without the costume bonuses.

There was an interesting conversation about the practice hand. I remember the loser of the practice hand rotating to the next table and dealing as the Knave. No one else at the party remembered it that way. They remembered playing two hands without rotation.  In the future everyone will play two hands at their initial table, one practice and one for score.

Throne Awards: Tiffany Hunt & Jacob Lyon

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